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No mercy for the calf!

Now it's also available in the Sauerland: The StoppOmat near Rönkhausen is the attraction for everyone who wants to show who is the best road cyclist on the mountain. From mid-March to mid-October, racing cyclists can test their form here and compete virtually or directly against each other for the fastest time. The 4.5 kilometers with 250 meters of altitude will show who has the most endurance. The course leads from the lower basin of the Pumpspeicherwerk in Finnentrop-Rönkhausen to the upper basin.


The principle of the StoppOmat is very simple: You take a stamp card, ride the course and put the card back into the machine at the finish. In this way, time is taken - and the result is then published on the Internet. This principle allows comparisons to be made throughout the season. The data entry is kindly done on a voluntary basis by the TV Rönkhausen. We ask for your understanding if it takes a day longer to find the times on the Internet.

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